Record with Liangming Tao Wu two identical

Chinese shop Secular  palm spade Joon? 5, total score 764.6 points. Eighteenth name: poetry Yao, holy priest, 35, total score 760.4 points. Nineteenth Name: leopard, anti-Knight, 35, total score 752.8 points. Twenty-name: God エルメス バッグ トート Feng, Berserker, 35, total score 747.9 points. Twenty-one: エルメス 店舗 Cherry Magic Ji, Elementalist, 35, total score 738.4 points. Twenty-second Name: Valkyrie, warrior shield, 35, total score 736.1 points. Twenty-three: Black Wings, assassin, 35, total score 732.5 points. Twenty-four: East White, Hunter, 35, total score 728.4 points. Twenty-five: old Guo, anti-Knight, 35, total score 722.9 points. ...... Record with Liangming Tao Wu two identical, but because the use of the vocational skills was not a lot of those designers converge in terms of skills and overall play the scores given by these two is not high, because Liangming Tao Yan Feng received contrary instructions gaming experience get a good evaluation, so the final total score than two arms. Han Yue Ru rd Runner fell to エルメスバーキン a game, it touches perfected month trace, do so to the top three, to keep the mercenary group funds. Great, everyone into the top 25! Auction burst from a burst of cheers. Although only ten have rank insignia, but the former 25 is a watershed, the division's top players with top players open, old Guo against injury by virtue of divine imprint and skills Tim did not, honor, Bluebird studio and everyone excited, Zhongshan Shan tears to be happy too: I am.

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with a burst of peach Yao Yao, then secretly Liu Ruoxuan thumb than a hint well

Jin Xiu Zhang Tao Kun take off clothes do not leap henashi M-shaped   careless   slaughtered approximately defended Light T Zheng acid  trouble unloading verse Bailey Branch pipit also still axillary eight small? Yao Yao, I really do not intend to borrow money Fung, but of course my dad cut card too sudden, I promise you, then I will use their own money to buy you a present. Chen Jie, ignoring such many people present, flatter face with a burst of peach Yao Yao, then secretly Liu Ruoxuan thumb than a hint well. Conference rooms are all young men and women, see Chen Jie, Yao Yao duo have some intimate look Chunxindangyang. The Jinhui Gong エルメス ボリード will already resident there raged jinming city secretary looked ashen face the ranking calculated walkthroughs, finally waved the wand suddenly shattered the panel, pointing to Wu nine, when Wu three-biotin snapped: The remaining two, I do not care what means you use, be sure to list the two men kicked out of the top ten! Wu nine trio highest total score, while the Wu three biotin Shique has remained at between 15-30. Wu nine long thin face does not show any expression, dry sound authentic: This 'slob' tie with my brother, I am no match for him. Wu nine was a quiet person, so even he said, that the next game can basically predictable results. You - Golden Eye For Spitfire Ming City angry, cursing trembling arm long while not a word. Race 9 Liangming Tao Wu ルメス財布 nine games for no suspense, Liangming Tao superb martial beat Wu nine. ベルト エルメス The final opponent is Xiaoqian, originally it would be an uphill battle, such as population Xiaoqian Liu Ruoxuan learned from inflammation.

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