Wu two know what to say

Elf エルメス 財布 メンズ owl Wei Tuo Pa pipit  delicacies ∈ ぃ  sheath of pure alcohol hook Zhui Jiu Ye Huan frightened umbrella? Liangming Tao incoming arena, see opposite the red light flashed, the emergence of a similar stature with their young eyes micro-coagulation. Wu two this time dressed in dark golden armor, armor surface looming several purple character pattern, exudes a touch of Purple, only purple crystalline product Enchant Scroll do have this effect. Liangming Tao from Yao Yao learned a lot about other people Enchant Scroll identify equipment and methods, and it would be seen on top of each other in their own configuration, but even more he cares about is the other party's own strength. This man breathing steady, eyes, such as electricity, martial repair is certainly not low. Liangming Tao just looked for a moment, the hearts immediately with a judge, but his calm personality, エルメス 財布 新作 the face of a powerful enemy can do joy, anger, without form or color all along face calm. Wu two opposite sides are also excellent eyesight from Liangming Tao's performance in the sense of calm an unusual flavor, think Yan Feng night break with two experts on Jinhui Building, suddenly wonder whether this man is very likely that night of a person or his accomplices. His face gradually sank down, Chen Sheng said: You're not human, what is the relationship and the hot air? Night is not what you? Liangming Tao heart slightly surprised, noncommittal and said: Since you have already guessed Road, why ask? You do not know the rules of the world do? Wu two know what to say, he was in the ancient Wu Jie pending for so long, naturally know the ancient warrior in reality will not expose the identity, Leng Heng エルメス(HERMES) said: less campy, like into the top ten, they show real ability come, I will.

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