can only win the game, and not lose!

Liangming Tao and Yu Perishable fists clenched at this time, they know that inflammation peaks goal is Jinhui Group, had expected would last two and Wu Wu nine, the two look at each other, both from each other's eyes feel a strong nervous and excited. Liangming Tao encourage and said: Ayu, can win the bet will be watching the game, and we must not lose! Do not worry, even if it is the use of martial art, I have reached the top ten! Feather Perishable spirits authentic. Jinhui Gong will also gearing up here, the city learned that Wu Jin Ming and Wu nine two opponents are fireflies mercenary group member, students from the vigilance of the heart suddenly and severely authentic: slob, feather quiescence, Xiaoqian ...... I did not expect Firefly hidden so deeply, even in the athletics competitions buried three Dark Chess. inflammation wind shrewd wit, maybe three men down in エルメスバーキン this re-injection. if they reached the top three in one person, and that this time we open disc mouth to lose everything, when not to mention the acquisition of auction houses, even the trading platform will be in crisis. can only win the game, and not lose! Yan Feng expect Jinhui Holdings shares for the acquisition and expansion of the Young Group's trading platform Eden fu high lending to government, but still do not know Jinhui Group's internal financial constraints. Jinyuan Jun act decisively though, Henla, but has always been very calm, but it is jinming opened Handicap proposed by the city, which is actually a move risky move for Jinhui Group's reputation also has a certain influence, if it is an emergency situation, Jinyuan Jun nor would risk agree. I did not expect to divert attention had actually become the biggest dark horse list hidden エルメス バッグ トート ...... Kim Ming City Handicap opened after the failure of the thought of facing エルメス 店舗 his father.

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